1,100 schools and 1,700 kindergartens practice Waldorf educational principles in over 80 countries on all continents of the earth. One hundred years after the first Waldorf school opened, the movement has become a world-wide force for educating young people by promoting individual freedom, equality and brotherhood, and the peaceful coexistence of humanity as the starting point and objective of all pedagogical activity.

Waldorf 100 aspires to further develop the cooperation and effectiveness of Waldorf education in a global exchange throughout the entire world – and with you!

Let’s turn our Centennial into a fountain of youth to celebrate an educational impulse with a potential for our time that we are only beginning to discover.

Watch the film on our Facebook page and share what it inspires in you with us! Your sponteaous ideas, reactions... And, above all, share the film with your friends!

Let's celebrate all together!


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